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Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

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Orion Electronics Ltd, an ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certified facility, has many decades of experience in electronics manufacturing. Orion manufactures a wide variety of electronic assemblies and finished products for many reputed customers.


Electronics Manufacturing Services offered include PCB Assembly, Wire Harnessing, Box Build and Repair/Alteration Services. Orion also offers Warehousing and Logistics services, which when combined with EMS, offers our customers a door-to door service. A flexible approach ensures short take-off cycle, turnkey or consigned or other custom designed solutions to suit customer needs.


Strategically located in Hungary, the facility offers you the possibility of quality manufacturing services close to Western Europe at a fraction of the Western European cost.


To ensure a continued cost advantage for our customers, we have possibilities of manufacturing further eastwards in Europe.


Orion can provide a wide range of skills for various business segments including automotive, consumer and IT for high or low volumes with high or medium complexity requirements.


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